I work in political and moral philosophy with a focus on theories of property and self-ownership. My work has been published in the European Journal of Philosophy and the Journal of Applied Philosophy.

I am a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of York (equivalent to Assistant Professor). I previously held postdoc fellowships at the Centre de recherche en éthique in Montreal and at Stanford’s Center for Ethics in Society.

I completed my MPhil and PhD at University College London. My BA was a joint honours degree in philosophy and German from Somerville College, Oxford.

While I was doing my PhD, I also worked as Managing Editor of the Aristotelian Society, overseeing the publication process of its 2 journals, the Proceedings and the Supplementary Volume.

In my spare time, I like to play ice hockey, and have held leadership positions at various clubs, including London’s only women’s club, Streatham Storm. Thanks to my studies, I had the privilege of representing GB at the World University Winter Games in China (2009) and Italy (2013).

Research & Teaching

My research is situated at the intersection of social and political philosophy, moral philosophy, and feminist philosophy. I work broadly on theories of property and self-ownership, with a focus on bodily rights. Much of my work addresses the nature and form of the boundary rights of individuals. This involves interrogating the philosophical foundations of property, privacy and consent.

You can read some of my work in the European Journal of Philosophy and the Journal of Applied Philosophy.

I have taught a range of courses in moral & political philosophy. One of my favourites has been  teaching Intro to Feminist Philosophy at Stanford.

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